south america chile sunrise patagonia


South America

I spent nearly two weeks in Patagonia during late fall and early winter of 2017. I rarely saw the sun. I worked with “close out” conditions for almost the entire time. That is why, when I had to give this image a title, I came up with Evanescent. The sunlight was rare and it was fleeting during my time in Patagonia. But it was certainly welcome. Never, in fact, was I so happy to see sunshine and blue skies, which are typically the enemy of landscape photographers who are looking to capture interesting subjects.

Despite mostly blue skies, clouds still hung around Cuernos del Paine during this particular morning, though. Indeed, they were just prevalent enough, and interesting enough, to make me point my camera toward the mountain and capture its beauty — rather than just sitting there marveling at the landscape with my eyes only.