Les Trois Tetons


One thing you don’t often see at Schwabacher Landing, located in the Grand Teton National Park, is this frozen pond. This section of Schwabacher Landing is famous for its reflections — especially during the spring. Photographers show up in droves to capture reflections from the Tetons. It’s not unusual to find dozens of people here at the same time. During the winter, though, forget it. There are no crowds, you have to hike in, temperatures routinely reach minus 10 to minus 20 Fahrenheit, and there are no reflections. Instead, if you’re fortunate enough to visit when the pond has frozen over (and there is no snow on top of the ice yet) you get this.

Image published in Outside Magazine as part of the magazine’s round up of “The 25 Most-Instagrammed National Parks of 2015”: Grand Teton #10