This privacy statement may change from time to time. The changes will take place on this page, which means that you should visit it from time to time to make sure that you are working from the most recent version.

Information That I Gather

I gather information in two ways. One, I gather information whenever someone supplies e-mail information to me. This happens whenever someone uses the site’s contact form to communicate with me. Two, tracking information is collected as you navigate around the site. My site uses AWStats to monitor traffic.

I do not use the information gathered through AWStats to spam you, sell you something, or bother you. As such, information provided to me by you is kept confidential and safe. Indeed, I will not share, rent, or sell any of your information with third parties. I simply want to see what images get more traffic and see what you’re interested in viewing on the site.

Use of e-mail Addresses

I do not rent, sell, or share your e-mail address with third parties.

Tracking Information Collected by This Site

Tracking information is collected both on an individual basis and in the aggregate through the use of “cookies.” A cookie is placed on a reader’s hard drive by a Web server and it is used to identify the pages that a viewer visits. I monitor how long people spend on each page and monitor how popular particular images and pages are. In addition, my site logs, when possible, Internet Protocol addresses, browser type, viewer’s general location, monitor size, and time and date that you arrived and departed the site. This information is of a general nature and not something that provides personally identifiable information.

I use this tracking information to perform statistical analyses so that I can figure out which pages garner the most attention.

In sum, I respect the rights and privacy of my viewers and those who correspond through the site’s contact form. Any and all information provided to me will remain private. No exceptions.