Anyone who knows me, knows this: I will not endorse a product or company if I don’t believe in it. Period.

First, I would never want to induce people to check out products I use — and endorse — if the product isn’t outstanding. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that my affiliation with a particular company led someone to buy a product that I know sucks. I am not willing to align myself with a crappy company or product just because it will feather my nest. I’ll leave that nonsense to someone else.

Second, an inferior company or product that you’re tied to makes you look inferior. You know that old saying. You are known by the company you keep. Well, it’s apropos here. I am not willing to risk my reputation by partnering up with companies or endorsing products that aren’t top drawer.

Now that you know my philosophy, as it pertains to sponsorships and endorsements, you can rest assured that the companies listed below are ones that I trust and consider world class. I use their products day in and day out and couldn’t do what I do without them. I appreciate these companies and their support very much.

My Sponsors

Digital Transitions

I am proud to be a brand ambassador for Digital Transitions, the number one seller of Phase One cameras in the world. While Digital Transitions sells a host of world-class products, ranging from EIZO monitors to Arca-Swiss & Cambo technical cameras, Digital Transitions’ customer support may be even better than the products it sells, which is no small feat considering the caliber of photography equipment it carries. As Digital Transitions says on its Web site, “High end digital is not about affording the best equipment –- it’s about being afforded the best experience.” So true. These guys don’t abandon you after they’ve made a sale. They stay with you long after the deal is done.

Simply put, if you’re in the market for a medium-format camera, a top of the line monitor, or high-end lenses, Digital Transitions can’t be beat.

really right stuff

For my tripod needs, I only use Really Right Stuff (RRS) gear, which makes top-notch carbon-fiber tripods. I use the TVC-33 tripod. Meanwhile, I use the RRS BH-55 ballhead. Finally, I use RRS’s L plates, which make going from landscape to portrait (vertical) orientation a snap. If you’re looking for a tripod, start with Really Right Stuff. You can’t go wrong.

wine country camera

Wine Country Camera, meanwhile, makes the best filter-holder system and filters in the business. If you’re not familiar with its products, I invite you to take a look today and see why I don’t trust my filters with any other holder. I think you’ll enjoy what you see.


In addition to shooting with my everyday camera, I also enjoy capturing images with my Apple iPhone and Moment lenses. I believe that Moment lenses are best in class for mobile photography. My goal whenever I shoot with an iPhone is to make the viewer forget that he or she is looking at a cell-phone camera image. And let’s face it: in the 21st century, the vast majority of images are displayed on tiny screens that people are viewing when surfing around Facebook, Twitter, online fora, and the like. Understanding that most people are using mobile devices to consume information, images captured with a cell phone — any cell phone, really — will likely be good enough to convey feelings and demonstrate whether the operator behind the lens has a decent eye. You can view my mobile photography here.