Canyonlands National Park (Utah)

On the day I captured this image, the clouds were dark, gray, and thick. I was hoping for something less dreary, so I composed my image and waited at this spot for about four hours. I was well aware of the forecast, and knew that gray skies would eventually give way to bluer skies. The only question was whether the clouds would start to scatter before it got too dark to shoot. In the meantime, I thoroughly soaked in the peace, calm, and quiet at this sacred location. What’s more, the view was spectacular. From Candlestick Butte, to the Holeman Spring Basin, to the various canyons farther in the distance, the scenery was awesome. Even if I was not a photographer, I’d visit this place for the serenity and calm that exists here. That I was able to capture an image here is simply icing on the cake.